Special Occasion Keepsakes from any event involving flowers:
Wedding party gifts, Memorial Necklaces, Baby Showers, Prom, Engagements, Valentines and Mother's Day and more.

What to do: Purchase your necklace here and check your email (check spam too!) for instructions on mailing your flower petals and/or filler to our studio within 1-2 days of your purchase. You just need a simple envelope, some paper and a stamp. Turnaround time will vary depending on our busy season, but expect 30 days from when we receive your petals.

If you only want jewelry made with your fresh or dried petals make your purchase here. If you are purchasing a large casted piece do not purchase jewelry here but order it on your order form during registration.
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What can I mail? Please mail paper thin, or very thin bits and give us a variety to choose from if you have several textures and colors you like. Small leaves, thin fillers, a variety of petal colors, etc. Not all pieces are guaranteed to be used but we will design with what we think will fit and what will cast well.

Set your expectations: Designs will vary and we do not offer a consultation regarding your pieces. Please communicate any special wishes you may have inside your mailed envelope. You will receive either a confetti style or a tiny arrangement inside your necklace depending on what fits inside the bezel. All parts of our necklaces are solid sterling silver and are cast with incredibly UV resistant resin that is safe to wear outside in the sun, but please know that all resin and the botanicals inside it will age over time. You are trusting our talented artists to hand make a commemorative piece for you based on styles similar to those that we show here. Their work is exquisite quality, and remember handmade resin art may possibly include a small bubble or other minor imperfections.

Schedule Us To Create Your Floral Keepsake

Reserve a spot on our calendar as soon as you book your wedding or special event. For other occasions contact us for our short term availability.
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