Commemorating Your Watershed Moments

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How to: Flower Preservation

Your preserved floral keepsake will commemorate any watershed moment from your life that you wish to honor or celebrate.  Watershed Trends leads the way in quality epoxy resin floral preservation service.  We’ll guide you through your role starting with the plan to save your wedding bouquet or special blooms to how to keep the flowers fresh until they reach our studio. Once your preserved flowers have been transformed into your commissioned artwork your collection will arrive to you beautifully packaged in custom handmade pouches complete with care instructions and a polishing cloth.

What the Clients Say

Hey y'all, from Texas! I know how hard you work to create a memorable wedding or celebration of life ceremony and it's hard to say goodbye to your floral investment. It's why I work so hard to make sure your preserved flower keepsake is a stunning snapshot of your watershed moment. I remember every single client and providing you with a stunning quality keepsake is important to me!

Leticia Pennington