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STEP ONE Select your date (this is the date we instructed you to use when we responded to your replica request) and pay your deposit here.

STEP TWO Check your email (including spam) to submit your selections of pieces and communicate your preferences. This form is due before we officially put you on our calendar.

Don't worry, you can always edit your choices with customer service if you wish. Once you submit your order form you will get a welcome email confirming your reservation and deposit. If don't see anything from us in your inbox after a few minutes first check spam and second reach out!

WAIT before you book! When booking you will be asked to choose a time slot. These time slots are simply how our booking calendar keeps track and don't mean anything on your end. Please use the date on the form below that matches the date we gave you in our response email.

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Reserve a spot on our calendar as soon as you book your wedding or special event. For other occasions contact us for our short term availability.
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