FAQ & Terms

Things you may be wondering or need to know

What is your minimum?

To commission any artwork made with your flowers a $400 minimum order must be met with any combination of pieces you would like.

What qualifies as a commission?

Anything you ask us to make with your flowers.

Can you cast my air dried flowers, silk or wood flowers?

Yes! The process and prices are the same but we will send different shipping instructions accordingly.

My wedding or event already passed, can you still cast a keepsake for me?

Yes! Fresh flowers need to be received within 2-3 days of the event but we offer bouquet remakes through your or our florist (extra charges apply) or we can cast your air dried, silk or wood flowers. If your event is already past and we are casting air dried, silk or wood flowers, or if we are sourcing fresh blooms like your originals we will suggest a date we have open. If you need a replica you must wait until your event is over to book with us. You will send in a photo so we can give you the most accurate representation of the elements in your bouquet.

What is my total cost?

Overnight shipping your fresh flowers to the studio + Your selection of pieces + Shipping your finished collection. If you live in Texas sales tax is required.

Is your deposit refundable?

Sorry no. Your deposit is not refundable. We have committed studio space for your project and turn down other clients after you claim the date. Depending on availability we may be able to offer to shift your deposit to another date.


What can I expect to pay for overnight shipping? *overnight shipping speed is required for fresh flowers, not air dried or faux flowers.

We accept bouquets from all over the United States and rates vary. For this reason we cannot give you an estimate. To help you be informed we can offer that an average bouquet packed according to our instructions fits in a box about 16″ cubed and can weigh between 5-8 pounds. This is an average estimate only. We recommend that you call your various shipping carrier options and get a quote from them to ship overnight from your location to Conroe Texas 77304. Make sure you ask about the different times of day they are quoting prices for as that will make a difference in your cost.

How do I pack my fresh, air dried, or faux flowers for shipping? 

Once we have your order form in hand we will grant your access to the shipping instructions page where you will be able to view a complete instructional video. We do what we can to help your flowers arrive safely but your attention to these instructions play a significant role in the success of their journey. Plan to take the instruction seriously and follow them exactly.

I am local(ish) to Conroe Texas, can I drop of my bouquet?

Absolutely! Meeting clients is a lovely bonus and we can schedule an appointment for drop off of your bouquet. When your collection is finished we will ship it to your doorstep!

How much is shipping for my finished collection?

Shipping your collection to you is $25 on average but will depend on your collection and where you live. We are thankful for your business and at this time choose to cap shipping at $45. If your collection reaches the capped amount and you have selected any optional shipping add-ons, such as signature confirmation or additional insurance, those will be added to the $45.


Will my flowers look the same as they did at my event?

It is not a realistic expectation to think your preserved flowers will look exactly the same as your event day, but most agree its new form is also lovely. When you fill out your form to reserve your date you will be required to list your flowers, both color and variety, so we can help guide your expectations.
It is also important to note that if your florist plans to blow open or reflex your flowers (these look like really rolled back petals) that these do not dry with the most pleasing shape. To reflex roses they are pushed more to the end of their lifespan and there is a good chance they will not make the journey well. If you still wish to have a keepsake you can speak with us about your options!

Will my flowers stay the same color?

With any type of flower preservation it depends on the flower. White and green are much the same. Pinks, yellows and light blue or purple are vibrant but a slightly deeper shade. White roses stay mainly white and will show at least some wear. Dark colored flowers like wine red, deep blue and purple may dry much deeper. Lilies and orchids are not guaranteed to dry their original color but we typically dry them and assess if we still like them for the composition.

What are the most fragile flowers?

We have found that mums and dahlias of any variety as well as sunflowers are not always viable for the drying process because the petals are so delicately attached. Although we have a fairly high rate of success there is a chance we will not be able to include these in your completed project. Other blooms that may not make the cut are some very thin petaled blooms like sweat pea blossoms and some but not all lisianthus.

Is there a type of flower you do not preserve?

It is not possible to preserve succulents in this 3D dried fashion. Berries are also often too juicy to preserve but can sometimes, not always, be used for texture. For both these circumstances clients are encouraged to consider sending faux succulents or berries if they consider them to be a large part of their floral composition.

How do I know I will like my large piece?

When you reserve you have a chance to express your preference from simple to full and you may communicate any special wishes at that time.  You will also select if you wish to view the layout before it is cast or if you wish to be surprised! You may request one edit if necessary and will leave the fine details up to the designer. There are a lot of factors that go into why flowers are placed where they are in the composition including size, color, shape, height, imperfections etc.. Requesting small changes involve a serious amount of the artist’s time. You have commissioned us to create a piece of our art based on our work that have you have already seen and loved. We are not designing together, rather you have the pleasure of relaxing while we pull together a beautiful presentation on your behalf.

Can I have what specific items I want in my smaller pieces?

We  will do our best to accommodate your request about what fits in the smaller pieces but must see what dried well and what will fit. Thank you for your flexibility.


How are these blocks and shapes made?

Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes 15-20 hours of hands on time across many days. Every piece is poured layer after layer with hours of curing in between. Due to the nature of the handmade process you should expect imperfections like a few bubbles and little bits of nature. The pour lines will be visible on the sides of every block. The lines are less visible on other shapes but will be there as well. Although our best effort and attention to detail is given to every piece, if you are expecting perfection we are not the company for you.

How long does it take to receive my collection?

From the time your flowers arrive at the studio it will take approximately 20 weeks for your pieces to be completed and shipped depending on your order and the season. This is an estimate, not a guarantee. Time frame is subject to change as necessary without notice.

Can my order be rushed?

No, this art takes incredible attention to detail and time to cure properly. Collections are made in the order the flowers are received.

What events do you take?

Any event! The minimum is the same and reservation deposits are required.

Is it safe to put my artwork in direct sunlight or near a heat source?

All epoxy chemistry will gain an amber tint over a long period of time but we use a product with advanced UV inhibitors and it is one of the clearest on the market that is safe for flowers. To ensure your artwork lasts for years to come, it is recommended to store your piece out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source like a fireplace mantle etc. 

Be Informed!

Color Change Examples for Dark Flowers 

Your project will be absolutely gorgeous but we want you to know what to expect!


Terms & Conditions:

I understand that my preserved floral arrangement is giving new life to my special flowers, not a recreation of my bouquet design. I will receive overnight shipping instructions (if applicable) and will receive a photo of the condition the flowers are in when they arrive (fresh flowers only). Watershed Trends is not responsible for poorly wrapped or mistreated blooms. Although careful selection of the best blooms will be used, sometimes parts of petals can be bruised during their creation and at the event before reaching Watershed Trends’ studio. This may possibly cause a translucent spot after they are cast. Nothing can be done to prevent this type of bruising and it is not visible until cast.

I understand that due to the nature of any type of floral preservation not every flower maintains its original color. Many will dry a vibrant version of its original color but will darken a few shades and some types of blooms dry a different color altogether. All the flowers will still have their beautiful original shape. I also understand it is my responsibility to choose an appropriate display location away from sunlight. All epoxy chemistry will amber over time but Watershed Trends uses a product with advanced UV inhibitors that help it to resist color change longer than any other competitive product in today’s market to ensure your artwork lasts for years to come.

I understand I am purchasing a handmade piece of commissioned art. Although every effort is taken to make the piece stunning, there will be a few bubbles and the piece will not be completely free of natural debris. There are lines visible on the sides of the piece that show every layer carefully poured to encapsulate your precious flowers. These are a normal part of the process and do not detract from the beauty of the piece.

I understand this is a specific timely process and I will have only one day to respond to my PayPal invoice of the owed balance before it should be cast. Waiting longer could cause potential harm to my flowers. The botanical artist (Watershed Trends) will be designing your artwork and you may have a choice if you would like a preview or to be surprised. *Previews are offered only for 6″x6″ blocks and larger and are not available for the 6″ sphere or 4″ cube. For smaller pieces we hope you will communicate in advance which blooms you hope to preserve and we will work to accommodate your request.

If I chose to view my layout I understand that shifting and floating is occasionally unavoidable during the pouring stages. The artist will keep the composition of the layout as close as possible to the planned layout but sometimes edits will be forced in order to maintain the best integrity of your piece. Due to the time sensitive nature of each pour, these edits will be at the discretion of the artist.

Once my order arrives, in the unlikely event that I am dissatisfied with my flower preservation pieces, I understand that Watershed Trends’ limit of liability is a refund of the total purchase price issued after I send my order back to Watershed Trends’ studio at my expense. I also understand I need to initiate my intent to make my return within 7 days of the date the piece was delivered to the specified address on my order form. 

Deposit: To commission any artwork made with your flowers a $400 minimum order must be met with an Essential Keepsake and you may add Collection Additions if you wish. A deposit of $250 is required to reserve your event date. This deposit will be applied to your final bill. The deposit is NOT refundable as Watershed Trends is committing resources for your selected date. When your collection is designed and we are ready to cast, the balance including shipping and sales tax will be sent and is due within a day of receipt. Expect approximately 20 weeks for the entire process to be completed and for your item to leave the studio. Timeline is subject to change without notice.